Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daily Devotion on the 3rd Commandment

The 10 Commandments
"As the head of the family should teach them in a simple way to his household"

The Third Commandment

Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy

What does this mean?

We should fear and love God so that we do not despise preaching and His Word, but hold it sacred and gladly hear it and learn it.

Guilt! This is what myself and one of my classmates felt as we walked past chapel at Concordia Seminary in the spring of 2006. We were on our way from class and off to the library to do homework that I should have done the night before. As we were just about past the point of where we no longer felt guilty, Dr. Norman Nagel walked right by us. And before we knew what to say to this Systematic genius, he points to the chapel and says, "He has gifts to give." Then he walked into chapel and we were left wondering if we were hit with the law or the gospel! Did I got to chapel? Nope. Do I still feel guilty? Yes. Not because I should have gone just for the sake of going, but because God was giving out his gifts like gold that day and I skipped right by.

That is what this commandment is all about. It isn't about making people feel bad about just going to church, but it is all about helping people see the amazing opportunity when you come into God's house. He is giving out his gifts of forgiveness, the Word, the Sacrament, life and salvation. More valuable than gold, more valuable than silver, and often we mis it due to a football game? Let us always remember that God has gifts to give. To miss that opportunity is like not getting in line to receive a piece of gold each week!

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