Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking in the Mirror!

The new movie Mirrors, is supposed to be pretty good (parents beware, it is rated R). It is basically about some mystical power in a person's bathroom mirrors. I don't really know the basis of it, but just the preview makes ya think. In the same way, I can guarantee if you watch the movie, you will look at mirrors in a whole different way.

It reminds me of what we believe about the 2nd use of the law (mirror). The law can be proclaimed to us and we see directly the sin we have committed (a.k.a. like looking in a mirror). I do not particularly enjoy the 2nd use of the law, because it makes me look at my sinfulness and it forces me to stare at it. It is like looking in a mirror and seeing the imperfect pimple, love handles, or haircut you have. After you see what the mirror reveals, you see the mirror differently.

Yet, it doesn't end there, we go right from the mirror showing us our imperfections and we are pointed to a cross that hung a perfect God in human flesh. The one who was perfect took our imperfections so that the mirror would not be the end, but the picture of Him on the cross would be our sole source of comfort.

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