Saturday, April 10, 2010

Raising kids in today's world...Church

There is nothing more exciting, beneficial, and at the same time more frustrating than taking little children to church. I speak on this subject not as one who has to deal with it much (my wife is a saint-and hot-with three little ones and being pregnant). So I speak these words with my wife in mind and also realizing that it is a huge challenge for all involved.

It is actually very simple: Go to church! Despite all the frustrations, despite there being many times that you as a parent don't "get anything" out of the service, and maybe spend most of your time running out the door with a crying child, it is worth it.

It is worth it not because of how much you get out of it, but because of the power of God's Word, his forgiveness, and the witness you are giving your children. There are times that missing church just happens. For us it happens when there is sickness and or a very bad night of sleep. At that moment, it is not worth it, yet, those are in the minority of times.

Think of it this way: Each worship service with your child is a chance to fulfill the mission of Christ: to make disciples of these little ones. It isn't always going to be about how much WE get out of it, but about the opportunity to teach our little ones what it means when the pastor says "you are forgiven", when the people stand for the Gospel reading, when the people eat the bread and drink the wine, and why the cross comes into the church. These are exciting things that carry on to our homes, work, and at school.

Next I will discuss how churches can help us parents deal with this tough dynamic of young kids and church. Since kids in church is a great benefit to all involved, not a nuisance.

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