Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parenting: Quanity of time vs. Quality of time

Family time is the most precious time a parent can ever have. The longer I am a parent, I cherish those times more than anything else I do. Yet, what should we as parents look at this time as being? Just quality time or simply quantity?

I received advice from a mentor pastor in college that when I started a family that my main goal should be quantity of time. "Because," he stated, "quantity of time will get you quality, but quality time usually ends up being NO TIME."

This is very true. How does a busy parent do this in a chaotic world. I am blessed with the opportunity to work across the street from our home and because of circumstances my wife is able to stay at home. Quantity of time is not a major issue. Yet for all families, quantity of time is possible (two working parents, part-time, etc). It is all about making it a priority. Why is it that during a major recession that the NFL, MLB, and NBA have not lost major money or revenue? Priorities.

I have seen families claim no time for family take various vacations, fishing trips, and date nights without their children. The reality of parenting is all about sacrifice. No bones about it, it often kind of stinks. I have many things I wish I could more of (read, go out, get season tickets to baseball, workout, sleep, etc). Yet, it isn't about me anymore, it is about the whole family. I repent everyday.

My encouragement is for everyone to spend QUANTITY of time with your family. Time with your family, not just your family, is a gift. He has given this to you to take care of them. If this is not happening, repent, talk to your pastor and be forgiven. If it is kind of happening, be forgiven and work harder. Don't meditate on your past sins too long and start making it a priority today.

Chief of sinner though I be.

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