Thursday, April 8, 2010

Parenting. Joys, ills, mistakes, and forgiveness

I am a parent of three young children (4 and younger) and expecting our fourth in August. I am a mess. Besides the lack of sleep, downtime, and peace, my life is no longer my own. Yet, I would not exchange it for anything, I value every moment (even though I have selfish desires), and I marvel at what God does through the whole experience.

I marvel at how much I pray and ask God for help in all things after the birth of our first child. I marvel at the looks on my girls faces when they see a princess dress and my son's face when a truck drives by our house. I marvel at the gifts God gives to my wife whose patience, love, and excitement for parenting exceeds anything I could ever imagine. And I marvel at the amount of fear I experience every day realizing my own mortality, how fragile life is, and the many things that I can not control.

Who will release me from this stress? Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ who has had the victory.

This week I will be discussing the ins and outs of parenting. As I do not have many answers of how to do parenting right, I will be discussing more of the struggles of parenting and the need for Christ for strength and even more forgiveness.

Lord have mercy

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