Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts and the downplay of the resurrection

I have noticed a disturbing trend in the Christian and the secular realm during Easter: there does not seem to be a difference. On facebook my Christian friends and my non-Christian friends have similar posts, pictures, and reactions to this season. Their children are wearing the same outfits, they are looking forward to the same events, and are eating the same foods. Yet, they are supposed to be doing it for completely different reasons, but nobody would know.

The most glaring example concerns Easter Eggs. First of all, what does that have to do with the resurrection? Yet, Christians traditionally fight for them and a bunny to be in the churches and in their homes, without a semblance of an empty tomb or the words Alleluia anywhere. Children see many traditions for Easter and besides MAYBE going to church, it may as well be a pagan holiday.

Compare it to Christmas. There are traditions that explicitly Christian. Christmas Trees, Carols, Presents, and even Santa Claus and stockings have Christian roots. Yet, there are no traditions for Easter that even look somewhat Christian. Bunnies, eggs, chocolate, egg hunts, and bright colored clothing, all of which mean nothing to the death and resurrection of Christ.

What does this mean for the future? I'm not sure and I'm not one to predict too much from Easter Eggs. But I am perturbed by the fact that the church ends us selling out to culture and tacks on a little Jesus at the end to make it look good (a.k.a. resurrection eggs). All the while, it would be nice to see Christians at least making a chocolate empty tomb, Alleluia, and a celebration prayer in every Christian home that includes talks of resurrection, hope, excitement over new life in Jesus.

I would love suggestions on what things people have done to make this season more Christ-centered. I'm not advocating the denial of eggs, chocolate, or bunnies for Christians, but the balancing of the season to connect our faith to the season.

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Potts Family said...

Haven't done it for a while, but we made Easter Cookies for a couple of years... After Good Friday service (if you can get away without using your oven for a couple of days... Saturday night if you can't), we made what I believe are called Resurrection cookies... Then you put them in a warm oven (heated and then turned off when you put the cookies in). You seal the oven and on Easter Morning you open it to a yummy treat... The cookies are very "airy" and it is compared to the the empty tomb. You can find instructions for these in a lot of places... here is one (

We also have the Resurrection Eggs which at least tell the Easter story.

Let me know if you find any others... I am always looking for new ideas.