Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday worship and tradition

Another powerful year of worship at St. John for Good Friday. We did the typical reading of the passion from John, used a new candelabra made by a member, a new rugged cross made by another member, and at the late service the church has never been so dark as the Christ candle left the sanctuary.

The focus for this year was the mercy of Christ bearing our sorrows and pains (Isaiah 53:4). We have a God who not only sympathizes with our pains and sorrows because he has been there, but also one that feels it at the same time. Not only does he feel it, but he takes is on himself. This gives us the hope and comfort to lay it all on Him and trust in His unending grace.

It was also very nice to have my oldest daughter (4 years old) to make it through a service and teach her what all the aspects of the service meant. Good Friday was a powerful service for me growing up, but in all reality I just always liked how people left quickly after church and liked the strepitus. I never really understood the full meaning of the rituals.

Finally, when the kids went down to bed my wife and I watched "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson. It has become a tradition for us to do so and unfortunately falling asleep during it has also turned into another. Still emotional that because of our sin our Lord went through all of that!

Lord have mercy

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