Friday, April 16, 2010

Letters to God and prayer

My wife and I went out last night on a date night and saw the movie, "Letters to God." The producers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants made this very powerful movie.

The acting was marginally better than the first two, the storyline outstanding, and the evangelical undertones of "inviting Jesus" into your heart was apparent. Yet, overall, I would suggest people to see it.

The premise of the movie is around a young boy, Tyler, who was suffering with cancer. Each day he would write a letter to God asking random questions, "How many stars are there?" "God can you help my mom smile?" etc. He would give it to the mailman every day with one stamp and his letters ended up affecting many people.

He was described as God's warrior that would show God's power in the midst of weakness. And he ended up doing that. His letters ended up leading many people to faith and showed the power of prayer and telling of Jesus has (especially in trial).

I equated his letters to God as our opportunity to pray. As John Kleinig has said, "The best thing one can do for anyone is pray for them." When we pray we lay people at the feet of Jesus and he deals with them in grace and love. Most of us need to start writing prayers for our brothers and sisters, less talking of or about, and more time placing individuals at the feet of Christ.

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