Thursday, January 28, 2010

Words, Words, and Authority

Last night watching the State of the Union address makes me realize how powerful words can be and also how they can be very void of meaning.

For most polititcians, words mean almost everything when running for office. This was most apparent during the 2008 election. Obama is an outstanding orator and McCain just wasn't. Words meant a ton. However, since the election, words have lost its meaning because people want action. That is apparent if you listen to the radio this morning, see the reactions of the Supreme Court, and hear the words on the street.

This is true of Jesus. People were amazed at his words of wisdom (Luke 2) and that they seemed to have authority (Luke 4), but they also say action. When the demons were there, He called them out with words. When Simon's mother-in-law was sick he healed her through words, words that had action. Words of love that told of a new kingdom, a kingdom now, but not yet, and a kingdom that would love to an unloving world.

May this be true of us as the church. May our words be true and pure with the Gospel, but may our actions follow. Showing the same mercy and care as Christ would. The church is at a tipping point in her history and I believe that the way we shall move forward in our American context is by action. Being filled and motivated by strong doctrine and pure Gospel, but combining it with bold mercy to the least of these.

Lord have mercy

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