Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lord bless you...

After a battle with ALS, Edward Brust passed away on Thursday morning. The last words he heard that elicited a response was the Benediction which brought a strong and emotional "Amen."

In today's funeral many arrived to remember Ed and at the same time hear the promises of Christ. It was bittersweet. We did not want him to suffer any longer, but we also did not want him to leave. It proves once again that no matter when death occurs it stings, it is tough, emotional, and show us our mortality. The only answer is a God who has died like us and has been resurrected. This gives us the hope of something beyond this life and the reality of our need for God.

We join Ed awaiting the resurrection in the blessed hope of Christ and His resurrection.

Keep Rita and his family in your prayers.

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