Monday, January 25, 2010

The life of a Vikings fan...humbling!

After experiencing four NFC championship games in my lifetime (No Super Bowls yet) and watching majority of yesterday's game, I can't help but be humble. Since 1998, I have NEVER bragged about my Vikings allegiances, yesterday's game I assumed we would lose, I tried to play with my kids more than watching the game, and I will move forward assuming the same for next year.

I am actually glad it is this way. I have had a tendency to be arrogant in certain things and the Lord has done a number of things to lower this downfall. I thank God for this loss, because it reminds me once again how the sun will rise the next day, food will be on the table, and I am still in the palms of my Lord's hands.

What does God do in your life to make you humble?

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Potts Family said...

Agreed... Even while enjoying the Saints win... It is still just a game and in the end doesn't really matter!