Friday, January 22, 2010

Scott Brown, original sin, and church polity

Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts? A conservative, Republican after Kennedy passes in office, a year after a huge swing to Democratic Presidency, House, and Senate? And this vote in the most liberal of states in the nation makes the health care debate something that can not be pushed through simply by party vote. Democracy at its best.

This is a reminder of the refreshing way our government is set up. In order for anything to get anywhere it must be passed by the House, Senate, and the Presidency. And even then it can be filibustered and questioned before anything happens. Our government was put together in a way that realized that original sin and selfishness is rampant in our world and there must be accountability. No one group can stay in control and if one group takes over for very long (Republicans in 2004 and Democrats in 2008) it will swing to more balance.

Do we do the same thing in our churches and Synod? I often see the temptation (and my own feelings) of the pastor or a few people in the church to control things, especially in a world today where many people do not want to take responsibility for volunteer organizations. Pastors could easily take over or a few families could take over for their own agenda. The same problem could be in our Synod where the bureaucrats could try to control the way churches function, BUT aren't we congregationally based? Does your church have accountability? Does our Synod have the same accountability? Or are we trying to bring in more power for certain groups? It is always good to take a step back and ask if we are leaning to one way or the other and let the Holy Spirit guide our ministries in a Biblical way.

May it all be done to the glory of Christ and Him crucified.

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