Thursday, March 26, 2009

"You are a born killer" & Original sin...

"You are a born killer!" This was the line proclaimed to the character Sayid on LOST last night. Sayid is a Muslim from Iraq that had a history of serving in the Iraqi military, terrorism, and as a bounty hunter. And throughout the show, he has attempted to change his ways a number of times, ultimately with no avail. He keeps on killing and kills at the end of last night's show. The thing about Sayid, is that he typically is a nice guy, he is one that I would trust in the jungle, but yet always gets tempted to be destructive and often falls into that temptation.

At the time of our birth another proclamation is given, "You are a born sinner." From the moment we are conceived we have a history of sinfulness that is withing our inner most being. Although we may attempt to go times without sinning and living a new life on our own, ultimately it is to no avail. We might typically be nice, but yet we will always fall to the times of temptation.

As we are born sinners, we focus this Lenten season on the one who was not born sinful, never failed during temptation, and one that we can trust not only in the jungle of life, but also in eternity where Christ has conquered sin and the power of the devil. In Christ, we are not born sinners, but redeemed saints!

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