Monday, March 2, 2009

Alleluia's and Gloria's omitted...what a downer :-(

This Sunday started our first week of omitting the Alleluia's and Gloria's from the Divine Service. Although each Sunday is considered a "mini-Easter" and is not needed to omit these words, we started this practice last year. Right after the Kyrie, typically we run into "This is the Feast" or "Gloria Patri" with relative gusto, however, when it is gone, there seems to be a leg missing. This reminds us of how much our Lord gave up with his death on the cross. He didn't just give up an Alleluia or a Gloria, but he gave up His life.

One of the joys of Lent is that we are reminded that something is missing. And the full joy occurs on Easter morning when everything is fulfilled by the resurrection and we sing the Alleluia's with more joy than ever before and This is the feast never sounds so good!

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