Wednesday, March 25, 2009

True Life and Interfaith relationships....

The other morning I woke up around 4:00 a.m. and I quickly roamed through the channels. I came upon MTV (which I do not condone watching 99% of the time) and at that moment it showed the caption: True Life-Interfaith relationships. The show placed two couples that each person had a different faith. Couple I: Guy was Jewish and Lady was Christian. Couple II: Guy was "Lutheran" and the gal was looking into Jehovah Witnesses.

What struck me about this show was not the extreme language and total disregard for the Christian faith, but the witness of the Lutheran guy. He evidently grew up Lutheran, but now didn't step foot in a church, drank like a fish, and swore like a sailor, but yet held that he was Lutheran. At the same time, his wife was searching for a church. She went with a friend to a non-denominational church and the next time she would go to Kingdom Hall with the JW's.

It was disappointing to see the witness of the Christian church. Although they seemed to have a great desire to reach a younger crowd (hip music, lounge chairs, and a laid back atmosphere), everything was about feelings and emotions. There seemed to be little strong language, teaching, or explanation of the faith. However, the JW's would sit down with the gal, explain their beliefs, gave a bold witness to their faith, and she ended up wanting to be a JW.

This is very sad to me because people are wanting to be feed by the true Word of God. They want it so bad that they will drink sand (JW theology) in order to have some semblance of refreshment. May we as a church feed our people with the true substance of Christ and Him Crucified and be a strong witness to the faith not only by word, but also how we live.

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