Sunday, March 1, 2009

Churchianity or Christianity? Part 1

In the book, Present Future by Reggie McNeal, he makes the argument that in today's world one has to ask in the church if we are promoting "churchianity" or "Christianity." He would argue that many in Church today try to make church perfect and in essence lose Christianity.

A good example would be concerning Lent. If someone were to ask a typical person from the church what is Lent, they would probably answer, "We have more church services, we put Ashes on our heads, we give up something, and most of the color of things is purple." How often is Jesus mentioned?

This is true on all levels of Christianity. The Rick Warren and Bill Hybel method is to ask people what they want from church and then do it. However, does this promote Christ or the church itself?

The question concerns, how much do we as a Church promote our Church ("I like the pastor, the building, the pews) or Christ and Him Crucified?

More to come

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