Saturday, March 7, 2009

Confident in the pool...confident in our Baptism

This weekend we took our girls swimming in an indoor pool. Almost everytime we take them into the pool, they are more confident in the water. One time they don't want to go down the slide, the next time we can't get them away from it. One time they can't put their head under water, the next time that's all they do. The more they are in the water, the more confident they become. Although they will probably never be Micheal Phelps (in the water, not what they smoke!), they still grow in their confidence.

The longer we are in God's Word, the longer we are refreshed by His gifts, and the longer we are reminded of our Baptism, the more confident we become in God's work through His means. When we are young, we know the basics, God loves us through Jesus. But as we grow older and in our sanctified living, we live out that faith in our vocations and often people get sick of us bringing up the gifts of God. Throughout our lives however, we continually need to go back to the forgiving promise of our Baptism because we will never even get close to godliness. We will never be perfect, but we grow in our confidence and trust in God's promise of Baptism.

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