Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Depression and being a child of God?

"He's depressed? He is a devout Christian." A man told me when he found out a friend was depressed. We all ask this question. How can this person be depressed he has a good job, wife, family, and he is in church and Bible Study every Sunday. He has it all, how could he ever be depressed?

Unfortunately, this world is more complex than it appears. The world is a mess due to the disease we ALL have called original sin. And the existence of depression proves that things are not quite right. The other problem is that people typically can not just "snap" out of it and it should not be seen as a weakness, but those are the stigmas in our world, especially in the church. Depression is real and it affects everyone that lives with that individual.

To treat such an illness begins by realizing that God works through the world (1st Article gifts). He uses people like psychologists, counselors, and social workers to get people to change their surroundings and when needed to use current medicines. And at the same time, we as a church are called to help and support the family and individual with whatever needs they may have.

Most importantly, the church is the place where we can proclaim a new life to the depressed person through the means of grace, through the words of forgiveness, and by pointing them to a God who has died for them. Do all of these things guarantee that this person will be totally healthy? Things are not that easy. However, as Christians we still serve our neighbor for his benefit and as one who is redeemed by Christ

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