Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blessed during Advent...question...

Tonight we finished our midweek services with the theme Away in a Manger. It was kind of disjointed this year due to weather and my appendix surgery. But we have been greatly blessed by the resources from CPH and the readings from Isaiah.

I have also kind of been struggling with the midweek service idea. I enjoy them, it is a great opportunity to be in God's Word in the middle of the week, however, we seem to only get people over the age of 55 to come. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone addressed this problem?

We have made it more of a devotional service (Vespers, candles, 25-30 minutes, a lot of prayer) and that has been awesome. I guess I am just trying to think of more ways to make midweek service a priority. I am open to many thoughts!

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