Thursday, September 11, 2008

We remember all those affected 7 years ago in our prayers

I was just leaving my coaching class in college when someone came into our room and said, "Did you hear about the World Trade Center had a plane crash into it?" Of course, we had no idea how our lives would be changed forever. As I walked into the Student Union, you saw hundreds of college students glued to the multiple TV's in the lounge with almost no one saying a word.

That day we experienced the worst of the Old Adam. When our sinful nature becomes so hardened and convinced of something, we tend not to think about the consequences or who we hurt. This happens on a personal level when we do not serve our neighbor in need and even up to the point of terrorism.

Today we remember what happened 7 years ago, but more importantly, we keep all families affected by this tragedy in our prayers. I also believe that God has used this day to show all of us the problems in our world and the dire need of a Savior who has conquered it all on the cross!
May we cling to that promise.

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