Friday, September 5, 2008

For pete's sake...celebrate!

On September 14th, our congregation celebrates "Connection Sunday." It is a time where we gather together for one service (we normally have 2), we have a potluck/pig roast, and we finish with an auction to help support missions at our church and throughout the world. This will be the first year we are "connecting" both services into one and just celebrating.

I think we as a Church need to just celebrate more. Gather around food, bring in a comedian, do an auction, play crazy games, sit around and chat, and relax. We tend to be very serious in our Christian walk, time at church is seen as a serious time and people people run home to relax. But wait a minute, am I to understand that the first Christians in Acts 2, were all dressed up in a suit and couldn't wait until they got back to their house to relax? Absolutely not, they did EVERYTHING TOGETHER (prayer, fellowship, breaking of the bread). And I can guarantee there were some rip roaring times after they made it passed some very serious things (persecution, public executions, etc).

Pray for many people to attend on Connection Sunday and that they may celebrate the Connection with have with one another centered on our Connection through the crucified Christ!

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