Sunday, September 21, 2008

How do we keep our confessional heritage in a post-church culture?

Teach brother teach. Dr. Jeff Gibbs kept telling us at Sem. When we would ask many questions about how we should handle this or handle that, he would always come back with, "Teach brother teach."

In a post-church culture, the need for great teaching is in such great demand. No longer will everyone know the Bible from Sunday school, because they never went. No longer will people just know how to live, because they never learned how, other than the culture. We need a teaching revolution that incorporates such strong teaching based on the truth of God's Word that people are left wanting more and more of God's Word which is the perfect opportunity for things like our confessional writings.

These studies do not need to be just on Sunday morning, but at coffee houses, home groups, anywhere and everywhere. People are looking for truth. And when they read the clearness of the confessions, it is like feeding a steak to a man who hasn't eaten for 5 days. It is our role to find new and exciting ways to teach the Word of God, while upholding what it means to be biblical, confessional Lutherans!

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