Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NFL Stadiums the most religious places on Sundays?

"Please God, let the Packers stop the Vikings" a man in front of me prayed with his strong beer breath, his hands folded, and arms outstretched above his head. At the Monday night game, I noticed that many people had their hands folded, eyes closed, and head bowed as they awaited a pass by the Vikings Tavarius Jackson with 48 seconds left in the game. If the Vikings would score, they win, if not, the Packers win. This was obviously a time to look for some intervention from a higher being. If the Packers were to lose, all the Packer fans would have to deal with Vikings fans taunting on the way out of the sacred Lambeau field, but if they won the Packer fans would be able to strut around as if they won the Super Bowl (remind you it would be a win without the Baal idol Brett Favre at the helm). So they prayed.

How often does the whole Christian church pray with such vigor outside of the NFL, MLB, NHL, etc? How often do we realize that we have no control over a situation (like a football game) and go to our knees in prayer? During a NFL game, WE have NO control over what happens in the game, whether we are there or not, no matter how much we scream or sit still, the outcome will still be the same. It is the same with out Christian life, God is in control, no matter how much we try to control things, we are still in the palm of our gracious Father's hands, redeemed by His Son's blood, and He has promised never to leave us until His promise has been fulilled at the resurrection.

So let us pray on bended knee as if at a Packer/Vikings game and trust that our Lord will give us the strength to handle whatever happens nextr (even if the Vikings threw an interception and the Packers won! DUH!)

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