Sunday, March 7, 2010

A time to brag...

Our Lenten theme this year is "Christ for mercy." In order to put the mercy of Christ into action, our congregation challenged two other LCMS churches to a food pantry competition for the month of February (St. John, North Prairie; St. John, Ashippun; and Bethlehem, Wales). The proceeds would go to Hope Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, Wis.

God really worked through this mercy ministry. In the end all three churches gathered 1800 cans of vegetables and at tonight's prayer service there was a uniting spirit that will definately lead us to many great ministries in the future. The competition was highlighted with a "mercy trophy" that possessed a can of corn on it. St. John, North Prairie won it this year with 920 cans collected. This trophy will be a traveling trophy to the church who gathers more cans each year.

We look forward to next year and hopefully more churches involved.

Lord have mercy

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