Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christ for Mercy...Day 19

"Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord" John 20:11
by Ms. Lauren Jensen, Sheldon, IA

Nothing breaks a heart like death. The finality of it. The knowledge that nothing will be like it was. The pain of dreams and plans unrealized.
But no death could have been more devastating than the death of Christ. To His followers it meant the death of a friend, teacher, healer, brother, son, savior, and the death of hope. "Mary stood weeping outside the tomb" (John 20:11). The body was gone. Peter and John had gone back to their homes. But this heart wrenched woman, dredged in despair, stood weeping for her missing Lord.
She did not run around frantically trying to find him. Yes, she went and todl the disciples, but when they gave up, so did she. She didn't go looking for law enforcement or witnesses. She was helpless. She was hopeless.
"Woman, why are you weeping? (John 20:15). It was Jesus. When Mary was paralyzed with grief, unable to do more than weep and lament, Christ spoke into her darkness. "Mary" (20:16). Her name. The only One able to speak to her broken heart did.
"Why are you weeping?" It's not a rhetorical question. It begs an answer. What has broken your heart? Tell God. He knows, but that doesn't stop Him from asking. He calls your name. Stop running around looking for relief. He speaks it to you.
Things may seem hopeless, but Jesus is alive. Why live as if He is dead? Why weep at an empty tomb? Our God has overcome death itself, and He has done it for you.
Lord have mercy

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