Friday, March 26, 2010

Passion Sunday with we come

After a two week hiatus, I am back. Fishing went awesome. We caught the limit in Walleye, I got a nice perch, and we are eagerly awaiting the time to fry them up. I received God's gifts Bethlehem Lutheran, Warroad, MN with the voice of their vicar. And now back with God's people whom He has called me to serve.

This Sunday we are ready to celebrate for the first time Passion Sunday with Palms (as indicated in the LSB Altar book p.501). It will be the typical procession of palms, prayer, children's message, and then a narrative of the passion from Luke (myself and two other people). Then leading into receiving the Sacrament.

Passion Sunday is a unique twist to Holy Week due to its symbolism of the dynamic that Jesus experienced in Jerusalem. He entered in triumph and soo thereafter he had to deal with the crucifixion in the same place. This way we as a church experience it all on one Sunday. Plus it sets the tone for the week to the center of our faith, "Christ and Him crucified."

Lord have mercy as we celebrate this wonderful day.

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