Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST, idolatry, and theology

It has finally arrived, the last season of my favorite idol: LOST. Kate and Jack, Sawyer and Juliette, Islands, Jacob, and who exactly is Locke? Gotta love it. I have enjoyed my time away from this idolatry, but also covet the last season and what will come.

What I find interesting about these types of shows is that the ending and twists represent a wider cultural value. Shows that were popular 20 years ago are different than now. 20 years ago, TGIF was huge (Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, Step by Step). Family oriented, clean humor, ending with a moral to the story, and addressing real issues in families. That symbolized a different time of desiring things to get back to the way it was (or at least perceived to be).

In today's shows, little is discussed about family, current issues, or clean humor. It is about suspense, thrillers, and always wondering what will come next (LOST, 24, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and a plethora of sci-fi shows). What does this mean? I'm not exactly sure. In my opinion it probably leads to a generation looking to the future with many questions, many fears, and enjoying the journey. More less, they are not real confident of what comes next, but they are enjoying the time they have.

What does this mean for the church? We have confidence of what is coming next: "Jesus will be with us." Christ has promised to bring blessings in the middle of despair, He has promised to do things for the good of people, and for the church to be there for us. And best of all that there will something better when this life ends. How about we start proclaiming of this confidence in a very unstable world.

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