Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Christ for mercy" begins today....

This Lent our congregation will be following the theme, "Christ for mercy" from LCMS World Relief/Human Care. The theme is based off of Luke 4:16-21 where Christ proclaims how He is the fulfillment of mercy told in Isaiah 61.

While looking into this theme, I am amazed at our need for mercy. Throughout our days on this earth, at many different stages, we ask the Lord for mercy in everything. The baby asks for it when they cry, the teenager asks when asking about their future, the college student when tempted, the parent when their children are sick, the worker losing their job, and the elderly when moved into a nursing home. At every stage, we all plead for the greatest need of all: forgiveness. This is our focus this Lent, that at every stage, our Lord Jesus, grants us mercy that not only gives us forgiveness, but also mercy for the other needs.

A number of pastors and one lay person have written devotions for the theme and we are organizing a number of mercy ministries throughout Lent (food pantry competition with other congregations, Spaghetti Dinner to help a man bring his family over from the Congo, and a day of service at a resale shop that funds a pregnancy crisis home in Milwaukee).

There is much mercy needed to be given, may the mercy of Christ be our lead.

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