Friday, February 19, 2010

A great confession and an opportunity for healing...

At today's press conference featuring the confession of Tiger Woods, he did an outstanding job of giving his fans and people a chance to forgive him. He did not try to excuse his behavior, make it about his "sex addiction", or blame the media. These simply words, "I'm sorry", begins the chance for anyone to start the healing process. However, it is not until the words, "You are forgiven" are spoken that healing truly occurs.

This is the essence of the Christian faith. God moving our hearts to confess our sins, and by the command of Christ and by His death and resurrection your pastor saying, "You are forgiven." Totally forgotten and healing begins.

May we all it in their hearts to forgive one another and when we wrong others to say the difficult words, "I'm sorry."

Keep Tiger in your prayers (especially with his lack of faith in Christ)

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