Wednesday, August 8, 2012

God of your choice?

This past weekend my wife and I traveled to Belleville, IL for a Reunion with Doxology.  Since we were so close to St. Louis we spent much of our time before and after driving around the hot spots we enjoyed while going to Concordia Seminary.

Our second year of seminary we lived in South St. Louis near the Brewery (Benton Park).  Around the corner was an artistic, eclectic, little bar/eatery which always had a unique crowd.  Overall, we enjoyed going there and the uniqueness of the surroundings.  Even though we knew that it was by no means a Biblical place, we were shocked and maybe even a little annoyed when we saw a sign that read, "May the GOD of your choice bless you" above the entrance.

At first, my post-modern, millenial, hear felt strangely at peace.  The statement seemed to basically everyone, seemed to give no judgement, and sounded like it wouldn't offend anyone.  Yet, it offends a majority of people in the world.  The Atheist, Muslim, conservative Christian, and the Orthodox Jew would be offended by that statement.  The sign basically says what you believe is completely wrong.  By adding "your choice" you no longer unite people, but end up making a very divisive doctrinal stance.

All of us have a faith statement and those statements have parameters.  Even the most liberal or conservative of theologians would deny killing or abuse in the name of a god.  The question comes down to where is our source and do we believe in truth? 

As Christians our source is the Bible and truth is found in Jesus (John 14:6).  To profess anything different is to take oneself outside of the Christian faith.  When we make this kind of statement is does cause questions, struggles, and pain because of the implications of what Jesus' words mean.  However, we are not to be people of questions, but people of truth. 

Next time you say some kind of blessing to someone instead of saying, "God Bless you" (even a agnostic can say that), but say Blessings in Jesus or Christ's Blessings.  This way everyone knows that you stand for truth in our crucified Lord.



Unknown said...

It seems in a world of trying to please everyone, you can please no one. What someone thinks you think or believe is many times out of our hands. In a world of twitter, facebook status', and the sound bite is really easy to be taken out of context. I think that as humans we like to judge and put people in categories, even those of us who preach tolerance.

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