Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's all gift---the baptismal life.

I’m back.  After a year and a half off from blogging I have felt a pull to start writing on a blog format again.  I will once again be looking at every day life through the lens of a baptized child of God.  Yet here are a few truths of how I will be conducting the blog:

1) Consistent but not every day.  I will be blogging when I feel like I should.  Last time I became overwhelmed by feeling like I needed to write every day.

2) Grammar police be patient.  As a product of public schools and also not particularly OCD with English, please be patient with my consistent grammatical errors.

3) More reflective as opposed to political.  I fully adhere to a confessional Lutheran view to my reflections, but my goal is also not to cause a stir by blasting theology or others.

4) Movie reflection will be a major aspect of my blog.  One of my hobbies is to evaluate movies and relate them to faith and the Old Adam.

5) Everything will be about Jesus.  My posts will explicitly point people to Jesus and the cross.  If I make posts without bringing Jesus into the equation, call me on it.

The Word, Jesus,  our  faith, our baptism, our church, and this blog is ALL GIFT.

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