Saturday, September 4, 2010

Prayer support at Messiah

If there is any fault in the Lutheran church I would argue, revolves around prayer. Not that we don't do it, but we are put to shame by our evangelical friends who use prayer in all parts of ministry. We typically say the "little" prayer before a meeting, party, or meal and leave more prayer for other times which are more "churchy."

As God graciously hears our prayers as a loving father listens to his children, we at Messiah Lutheran are supporting missions this year in prayer. Each month we are inviting the whole church to pray for a chosen mission every day. We also invite ALL people who come to church and/or read this blog to join in this prayer. No money will be required or requested.

This month we pray for Lutheran Island Camp (LIC). LIC is a Christian camp whose main goal is to support the local church in proclaiming Christ. They offer various programs, retreats, and ministries for all churches. One focus at LIC which has brought great success is the start of the Creation-Science EnvironmentalLearning Center. Over the last few years many speakers have come to LIC (Dr. David Menton, Dr. Reed Lessing) to discuss this subject and in the future they will have their own learning center centered on learning the truths of God's Word on creation.

Please keep LIC in your prayers as we join together in the mission of Christ.

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