Thursday, September 16, 2010

Atonement, morality, and life in Grey's Anatomy

Tonight was the first night that my wife and I actually sat down to watch Grey's Anatomy. I was amazed at how quickly I was hooked (by the way I do not endorse behavior, ideologies, or theological undercurrent). The producers have ran with the old ER dynamic and made a dynamic, thrilling TV series.

All TV shows need to be filtered as Christians. As believers we are not called to stay away from the world, but to be in the midst of the mess. Yet, we all must understand our weaknesses, burdens, and witness to those around us. E.g. Someone addicted to porn (or anybody really) should not watch it to find out what is going on in the world.

The reason tonight was so compelling is that it incorporated at least three themes that affect our worldview and theological understandings. These are important distinctions to know while watching this particular, modern marvel. I will give a quick view of all three:

1) Justice/atonement-A gentleman who had lost his wife at the surgeon's table searched for justice through shooting the hospital staff and struggled to make sure that all who were responsible died. Sound like real atonement?

2) Life-All the people shot struggled to survive, made amends with past sins, and the last scene showed Dr. Grey having a miscarriage and (gasp!) mourning the loss of a tiny group of cells (A.k.a. baby).

3) Morality-Grey's anatomy is trying to make money and to do that today, you need immoral behavior, especially in the sexuality department. Of course a lesbian relationship which struggles with having children (I don't know why, maybe they are missing a father) right in the midst of a crazy guy shooting people just makes sense. In a nice change, random people weren't sleeping together all day.

I attempt to ask myself, "Why do I and others LOVE this show?" "What dangers are present for believing Christians?" "How do I use what I learn to be a better witness to the faith?"

I look forward to future shows and time spent with my wife. Lord have mercy.

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