Monday, July 19, 2010

New Call, New Home, and assurance

Greetings everyone. It has been awhile. My apologies. On May 15, I was blissfully settled at St. John Lutheran in North Prairie and loving my calling there. Then God threw me for a loop and now only two months later, I am serving Messiah Lutheran Church, Sartell, MN. On top of a call we have had to pack up, unpack, reorganize, bought a house, and dump the kids off to someone (mostly grandparents:-). What an amazing ride.

Over the last two months much has happened; my hometown was blasted by a tornado, the Twins fell from first and are now coming back, Brett Favre still has not announced his decision, and Rev. Matthew Harrison was elected President of the LCMS. I am amazed and humbled by the journey my wife and I have gone through.

One thing has struck me since becoming a homeowner and having to organize all the amenities we are to enjoy as an American family: the need for assurance. To buy a house you are to buy homeowners insurance, title insurance, flood insurance. This is after you change your car insurance, health insurance, disability, life insurance, and umbrella policies. Holy cats. We spend TONS of money on feeling assured that we will be o.k. in the midst of tragedy. Yet, how many of us think about the assurance of eternal life and the need of others to have that same comfort. The amazing thing is that this assurance through the blood of Christ is free, forever, and simple. May we as a church bring that assurance to our communities and point them to the true assurance in all things.

Lord have mercy