Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mercy and the local hospital

All the craziness these past days has brought much anxiety and frustration. At the same time, there are nuggets of joy and comfort. When we arrived it was surprising to me that the only hospital in the St. Cloud area is Catholic. As we walked the halls, we saw pictures of all the CEO's of the hospital and from 1886-1968 it was always a sister from the order of St. Benedicts.

Affiliation is different than current practice (just ask Valpo and Notre Dame). This kind of history is very typical of many hospitals/college that have "Christian roots" but have lost those roots due to monetary and secular pressure. This appears to be true at St. Cloud Hospital, BUT their mission statement blatantly points to the mercy of Jesus: "As a Catholic regional hospital, we improve the health and quality of life for the people we serve in a manner that reflects the healing mission of Jesus." Another plaque from the 1950's said, "To serve as if we are Jesus Himself."

This focus centers right to the heart of what we are to be as Biblical, Christ-centered Christians, "MERCY." We are called through our Baptism to love our neighbor and live as if we are serving Christ. In my life, I have seen this come to fruition through the vocations of the doctor and nurse. They extend not only a helpful hand, but comfort you through words and actions. Their love and care for each person is an extension of the mercy of Christ (even they don't have faith) and is a model for all of us when we work within our vocations.

Christ's blessings to all nurses and doctors who care in His name and for the Catholic hospitals that live out their original mission.

Lord have mercy.

p.s. Amy is 5 cm and just received an epideral, hence the reason I can write on this blog.

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