Friday, January 7, 2011

In government we trust?

The other day I was having a discussion with someone concerning gay marriage. In the discussion the individual made the argument that it wasn't up to us to stop someone from doing something unless it hurt someone else or took away their rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness). At the end of the discussion, it was determined that he would be against making drugs illegal, rules on marriage, or anything that had to do with individual choice even if it was hurting that person.

Now, what I realized was that the god for this individual was solely the government ideology. Evidently he would have to change that ideal if he lived in another country, but the government gave him the standards and the rest was up to him. I wonder how many of us as Chrsitians live the same way. Yes, we would admit we believe in God, but ultimately we live by the rules of America more than Him. To this point in history, American and Christianity were very similar so it wasn't a really big deal. However, when the government starts to change, what will the 21st century Christian do? Follow the government or follow God? What if the government proclaims gay marriage as o.k., continues with abortion, tells churches that they no longer can proclaim sin, etc? Are we to just accept it or live differently?

All of us as Christians need to step back and really evaluate what it means to be a Christian? What does it mean to believe in a living God that gives us life and breath and what does that faith mean when the government (even Republicans) goes against them? Are we going to trust in God or the government? Something to think about.

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Dick said...

I presume God is above even our government. Sin is still sin, even if our lawmakers condone it. Aren't we as Christians to transform the world, not be conformed to it? It's way too easy to simply go with the culture.